Rehamed has valued the service of enPORTAL connect since 2008

Rehamed has appreciated the service since 2008

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Industry: Health industry


Rehamed GmbH is one of the first customers. Since 2008, the company from the healthcare sector has already been using the enPORTAL connect service for the annual online tendering of approx. 184,000 kWh of electricity. Rehamed offers physiotherapy, rehabilitation and health sports and is based in Stuttgart. Annette Schleicher, responsible energy buyer at Rehamed, provided the following answers about the cooperation with enPORTAL:

  • Seat in Stuttgart
  • Operating as a health centre for 30 years
  • Physiotherapy, rehabilitation, health sports


Market overview

Challenges & Problems

In 2008, the company was looking for more market overview and transparent energy prices - and decided to work with enPORTAL and use enPORTAL connect.

All consumption figures at a glance

Our solution

No time-consuming research, all consumption figures and prices from the last few years at a glance. "To be on the safe side, I can also still talk to an enPORTAL employee in person," reports Annette Schleicher, energy buyer at Rehamed.

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Professional accompaniment

The result

"By using the portal, I always have a perfect overview of the current market and its development. I can act quickly and take advantage of opportunities. Even if the customer has little overview of the market or does not understand the composition of electricity prices, the enPORTAL employees provide very professional and personal support. I always felt very valued. With enPORTAL connect, buying electricity is a lot of fun!" sums up Annette Schleicher, energy buyer at Rehamed.


Digitally networked in the energy market

"Success in energy purchasing is only possible with a strong network of verifiable data, market participants and experts - what counts in concrete terms: Keeping consumption data permanently up to date, using competition in the heterogeneous market and observing developments on the energy exchanges at all times. This is exactly what we offer with enPORTAL connect."

Clemens Graf von Wedel, managing partner

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