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The energy market after the great crisis - watch the webinar recording now!

The energy market after the great crisis - what does it mean for energy buyers?

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The last three financial years have been a challenging and dynamic time for energy buyers in companies from all sectors. Supply disruptions, new procurement models and skyrocketing energy prices have led to uncertainty and existential fears. In the webinar, we specifically address the developments in the energy market and review the years 2019 to date. We explain to you in a practical way and with the experience of a large network of energy buyers and over 700 energy suppliers, which market changes have resulted from Corona, the Ukraine war and the energy crisis. The webinar will provide you with targeted information on the challenges and opportunities for tomorrow's energy purchasing and the role played by the networking of energy data and players. Likewise, we will show how important efficient energy platforms and digital processes are.

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7 November 2023

Grid fees, taxes and levies for 2024 are stored in enPORTAL connect

Economic planning for energy costs now possible All provisional, new grid fees as well as all taxes, levies and charges for 2024 are stored in the cost overview on the enPORTAL connect energy platform. All customers from the industrial, commercial and SME sectors can see at a glance how their individual energy costs will change. Note: Until the end of the year, [...]

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22 September 2023

BME Podcast with Managing Director Clemens Graf von Wedel and Prof. Dr Florian Kleemann

Breaking new ground, always looking ahead - that is our mission in the field of digital energy procurement and so we are pleased to announce our first podcast with the German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME). The exchange with Prof. Dr. Florian C. Kleemann produced exciting insights into current challenges for energy purchasing and so [...]

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16 August 2023

enPORTAL GmbH becomes an umbrella brand and launches the products enPORTAL connect and enPORTAL compete

  Pronstorf, 17.08.2023 enPORTAL GmbH becomes an umbrella brand and launches the products enPORTAL connect and enPORTAL compete enPORTAL GmbH becomes an umbrella brand with a new logo and corporate identity enPORTAL connect combines an efficient energy platform with personal customer service and energy expertise enPORTAL compete evaluates energy market data from electricity and gas tenders in real time The enPORTAL [...]

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