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Energy marketplace

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Energy expertise

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Purchasing strategies

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Energy purchasing

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Testimonials from our customers

"We have been able to reduce process and energy costs. The result is easier to control and understand. Previously, we had to compare the results using Excel. Now we can do this at the push of a button.

Holger Leschinski

Fränkische Rohrwerke, former Head of Purchasing

Testimonials from our customers

"We were looking for a digital solution that would continue to offer us self-determination but also competition in the energy market. We found exactly the right thing for our annual energy supply contracts. The online portal is clearly structured and gives me the good feeling of getting the best price in the energy market."

Robert Heinzler

Managing Director, Heinzler Maschinenbau

Testimonials from our customers

"By using the portal, I always have a perfect overview of the current market and its development. I can act quickly and take advantage of opportunities. Even if the customer has little overview of the market or does not understand the composition of the electricity prices, the enPORTAL employees provide very professional and personal support. I always felt very valued."

Annette Schleicher

Energy buyer from Rehamed


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Market trends and digital developments



11 July 2024

enPORTAL presents optimised digital energy price monitoring

Continuous monitoring of exchange prices for electricity and gas at the click of a mouse via the enPORTAL connect energy platform Three digital target prices make day-to-day energy purchasing work easier Automatic notification of favourable market opportunities optimises energy purchasing With its enPORTAL connect energy platform, enPORTAL GmbH is presenting optimised digital energy price monitoring: energy purchasers can now use three different [...]

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2 July 2024

enPORTAL presents four new information brochures on digital purchasing models for electricity and gas

Procurement models compared: fixed price, tranche, spot market procurement and portfolio management for electricity and gas enPORTAL highlights new opportunities for industry, SMEs and the skilled trades through digital processes The four information brochures are available to download free of charge The leading platform operator enPORTAL is presenting new information brochures on the four procurement models for digital electricity and gas procurement. Each brochure [...]

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19 June 2024

Advantages of energy portals for electricity and gas purchasing: enPORTAL presents new white paper

Download the new white paper now free of charge and gather energy knowledge! The operator of the enPORTAL connect energy platform presents the advantages of energy portals for electricity and gas purchasing in a new white paper. The 14-page document is aimed at managing directors and energy buyers who want to learn more about the digital possibilities and advantages of energy portals and energy platforms. A total of 10 [...]

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Energiepreisbremse Meldefrist

17 June 2024

Energy price brakes - observe the reporting deadline of 30 June 2024

All companies that have received total relief from the price brake of more than €100,000 for the 2023 calendar year must submit a data report to the transmission system operator by 30 June 2024 - this is done via the reporting platform for transparency reports (TAM). Customers of enPORTAL connect were informed of this in a customer news and last year in the [...]

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6 June 2024

Purchasing green electricity: energy buyers should be aware of these points

Green electricity. Energy purchasing. Energy platform The procurement of green electricity is an important topic for many industrial, medium-sized and commercial companies as part of their sustainability strategy. The promotion of renewable energies and the energy transition are key focus topics for many companies, which is why in today's article we are focussing on the procurement of green electricity and the points that energy purchasers need to [...]

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Our 25-strong team consists of energy enthusiasts who are in daily personal contact with customers from all sectors and 700 energy suppliers. As a result, we know the trends in the energy market like no other.

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