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For companies that consume more than 100,000 kilowatt hours of electricity or gas per year, enPORTAL connect is just right. They benefit from up-to-date energy data, strong competition among 700 suppliers and standardised processes that meet stock market developments. Plus: the direct line to the energy industry and energy expertise on current market requirements. We offer this combination: Completely digital and individually tailored to your needs. With enPORTAL connect and our personal customer service, you are optimally positioned to achieve transparency, security and success.

An energy platform for your entire energy data management

Complete and correct energy data are the prerequisite for optimal energy purchasing in any market situation. We take care of the automated updating and link your consumption data with current taxes, levies, charges and grid fees. You keep an eye on your consumption points, consumption, costs and contracts and are ready to purchase electricity and gas at any time. Cost forecasts, business planning and invoice verification are quick and easy with a click.

Strategy, purchasing and forecasts - individual and digital

Together we develop your purchasing strategy. We adapt the tender to your energy data and the current market requirements and determine the appropriate procurement model, such as fixed price, tranche (horizontal or vertical), spot market or portfolio. With our AI-based energy price forecasts, you can see daily what you would pay for electricity and gas if you were to tender. This enables economic planning even before procurement. Our energy marketplace with over 700 verified energy suppliers ensures maximum competition. The entire procurement process up to the signing of the contract takes place digitally and in the shortest possible time, resulting in efficiency and the best energy prices at the time of tendering.

enPORTAL connect at a glance

Energy marketplace

Maximum competition among 700 audited energy suppliers

Energy purchasing

Digital processes from market enquiry to contract signing

Energy data management

Tapping points, consumption, costs and contracts up to date at all times

Energy price forecasts

Daily energy price forecasts enable cost planning

Purchasing strategies

Fixed price, tranche, spot market or portfolio - the right strategy for you

Energy expertise

We have customer and supplier relationships like no other.


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Book enPORTAL connect conveniently online. Enter your consumption data and find out immediately how much you pay per year for our energy platform and customer service. The costs vary depending on the number of consumption points and the amount of energy. We will support you personally and individually every step of the way after booking.

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Here you can calculate what our service costs and book the contract conveniently online.

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Use Cases

Energy purchase per click


"Gas was negotiated directly with the individual energy suppliers. The load profiles, consumption points and consumption quantities were sent to different suppliers and final negotiations were carried out based on the results. That took about four weeks," says Holger Leschinski. The electricity purchase was similar: "In preparation, a few energy suppliers were asked for an offer and the different energy prices were painstakingly evaluated and compared. The effort was more manageable, but it also took two weeks," adds the energy buyer. He wished for faster processes and greater competition among the suppliers, because: The prices for electricity and gas are traded daily on the stock exchange. The longer the commitment periods, the fewer favourable market opportunities can be seized.


FRÄNKISCHE has been an enPORTAL customer since February 2016. Since all energy data is stored in the cloud, the purchasing manager can contact up to 620 suppliers at short notice via the online portal when market conditions are good. 24 hours later, the offers are available, which are clearly displayed in the automatically generated bidder comparison list. It can be seen at a glance which supplier offers the best energy price. After a two-hour binding period, the contract can be concluded. "It's easy to get an overview of the offers and the price difference is shown to me immediately. From our side, there is little effort behind it and it goes quickly," says Holger Leschinski.

Holger Leschinski

Former Head of Purchasing, Fränkische Rohrwerke

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enPORTAL connect booking

Here you can calculate what our service costs and book the contract conveniently online.

1.Customer type
2.Consumption information
3.Contact information