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Glossary - Terms and explanations on energy procurement

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Exit point

Delivery point of the natural gas to the network end customer.

Balancing energy

Quantities of energy invoiced to the balancing group manager by the transmission system operator to balance the load forecast and load profile in a balancing group.

Labour price

The price for the electricity consumed in cents per kilowatt hour is the energy price. A distinction is made between the high or normal tariff and the significantly cheaper low tariff.


Work is the electrical energy (also electrical work) that is fed in or taken out. This is measured for billing within a certain period of time. The units for work are kWh, MWh, GWh or TWh.
1 kWh = 1 kilowatt hour = 1,000 Wh

1 MWh = 1 megawatt hour = 1,000 kWh

1 GWh = 1 gigawatt hour = 1,000 MWh = 1 million kWh

1 TWh = 1 terawatt hour = 1,000 GWh = 1 billion kWh

Connection usage contract

The connection usage contract essentially regulates liability in the event of faults and interruptions, the use of the property and the type of metering and counting. In addition, the address of the connection point, the voltage level and the metering point designation are documented. Individual connection usage contracts are only required above the low-voltage level; there is a generally applicable regulation for private and small business customers.

Connected load

The sum of the rated outputs of all electrical consumption devices present at the customer's premises or in a supply area that can be used simultaneously is the connected load.

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