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Advantages of energy portals for electricity and gas purchasing: enPORTAL presents new white paper

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The operator of the energy platform enPORTAL connect presents the advantages of energy portals for electricity and gas purchasing in a new white paper. The 14-page document is aimed at managing directors and energy buyers who want to learn more about the digital possibilities and advantages of energy portals and energy platforms. A total of 10 points are explained in a practical way, which can be optimised through digital processes in order to reduce time, effort and costs. The white paper can be requested free of charge from the platform operator's website under Downloads.

The importance of energy portals for the B2B market

The importance of energy portals and energy platforms for energy purchasing is huge. But what specific advantages do these digital tools offer in B2B purchasing of electricity and gas? How do they benefit energy buyers from industry, trade, hospitals and commerce? In the new white paper, enPORTAL provides technical and practical answers to these questions and shows what new opportunities arise from digital processes. It highlights 10 work steps that can be optimised with the help of energy portals or platforms.

"Our new white paper on energy portals is the result of our 16 years of energy expertise in this area and summarises the benefits of energy portals in a compact format."

Clemens Graf von Wedel, Managing Director and owner of enPORTAL.

The document can be downloaded free of charge from the enPORTAL website at can be requested and downloaded.



The enPORTAL connect energy platform is a product of enPORTAL GmbH. enPORTAL connect is one of the leading energy platforms in Germany with over 700 participating energy suppliers and an annual energy volume of more than 25 terawatt hours of electricity and gas. Its customers include companies from the industrial, SME and commercial sectors. The combination of an efficient energy platform and personalised customer support includes a service covering all aspects of the energy marketplace, energy purchasing, energy data management, energy price forecasts, energy strategies and energy expertise. enPORTAL GmbH is a leading IT service provider for digital solutions in the energy sector. Founded in 2008, the owner-managed company sees itself as a pioneer for digital, standardised and efficient energy processes.


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