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Away from Excel and towards an efficient energy platform: BME webinar with Bauerfeind AG

Away from Excel and towards an efficient energy platform: How Bauerfeind AG is optimising its electricity and gas purchasing processes

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How can energy purchasing be optimised and what advantages do energy platforms offer? How can energy buyers move away from rigid Excel spreadsheets towards digital and automated purchasing and data management processes? We will explain in our webinar with Bauerfeind AG and enPORTAL. In January 2020, the manufacturer of medical aids such as orthoses, foot and knee supports and knee orthoses opted to use the enPORTAL connect energy platform, thereby not only reducing energy costs but also optimising its entire energy data management. Tobias Helbig, Head of Indirect Purchasing at Bauerfeind AG, reports on his experiences with the first steps and tenders via the digital energy marketplace - in collaboration with his personal account manager Jan-Philipp Eckhoff, who works as Head of Customer Care at enPORTAL. Wilfried Rademaker, authorised signatory at enPORTAL, will present further services of the energy platform, including the presentation of complex procurement strategies. The webinar will be rounded off with a Q&A session with participants.


Facts about the webinar


Date: Thursday, 13 June 2024 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Participation: free of charge



Tobias Helbig, Head of Indirect Purchasing, Bauerfeind AG

Wilfried Rademaker, authorised signatory, enPORTAL GmbH

Jan-Philipp Eckhoff, Head of Customer Support, enPORTAL GmbH



Matthias Berg, Head of KOINNO, BME e.V. Further BME live webinars can be found at


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11 July 2024

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Continuous monitoring of exchange prices for electricity and gas at the click of a mouse via the enPORTAL connect energy platform Three digital target prices make day-to-day energy purchasing work easier Automatic notification of favourable market opportunities optimises energy purchasing With its enPORTAL connect energy platform, enPORTAL GmbH is presenting optimised digital energy price monitoring: energy purchasers can now use three different [...]

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4 January 2024

Grid fees, taxes and levies for 2024 are stored in enPORTAL connect

Economic planning for energy costs now possible Update: Increase in the Section 19 StromNEV levy and BEHG certificates for 2024 All new grid fees and all taxes, levies and charges for 2024 are stored in the cost overview on the enPORTAL connect energy platform. This gives enPORTAL connect customers from the industrial, commercial and SME sectors an overview of [...]

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