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Increased gas storage levy: enPORTAL connect shows additional costs for gas with a click

Gasspeicherumlage 2024 enPORTAL connect
  • Gas storage levy increases by 34 percent from 1 July 2024
  • New value of 0.2500 ct/kWh is already stored on the enPORTAL connect energy platform
  • Customers of the IT service provider from the industrial, SME and commercial sectors will automatically see their energy costs correctly displayed from July onwards


The increase in the gas storage levy from 1 July 2024 will lead to higher gas costs for industrial, medium-sized and commercial companies. enPORTAL customers can now see how the 34 per cent increase will affect their individual energy costs in their personal account on the energy platform enPORTAL connect for the period from July - detailed for each point of purchase and in the total costs. Thanks to digital interfaces and automated data updating, energy purchasers no longer have to perform tedious data maintenance and updating of energy costs - the IT service provider takes care of this for them. The additional costs incurred for gas can be seen at the click of a mouse - this ensures transparency, simplifies work and provides security in the area of energy purchasing and energy data management.


Energy data updates - digital, automated and accurate

Medium-sized companies from industry, commerce, trade or the healthcare sector will pay a higher gas storage levy from 1 July 2024. The market area manager Trading Hub Europe (THE) has increased the levy by 34 per cent to 0.2500 ct/kWh, which will lead to additional costs for companies when procuring gas. IT service provider enPORTAL will show how these costs actually affect consumption behaviour on its energy platform enPORTAL connect immediately after the update is announced and thanks to digital interfaces with database operator ene't. Energy buyers can thus see at a glance what additional costs they will incur from July 2024 - individually for each point of purchase and as total energy costs. Manual analyses and calculations are no longer necessary, which makes work easier, saves time and provides security. This advantage is particularly evident in the case of levies that are regularly adjusted - such as the gas storage levy, which can be redefined from January 2025.

"Recurring updates such as the gas storage levy demonstrate the great advantage of energy platforms. Thanks to digital interfaces and automated processes, cost adjustments can be displayed at the touch of a button and ensure quick analyses, control and greater security in the energy departments."

Clemens Graf von Wedel, Managing Director and owner of enPORTAL.


Background to the increase in the gas storage levy

The gas storage levy ensures that the costs for the storage of gas and for the tendering of the injected quantities are covered. It previously amounted to 0.1860 ct/kWh. The German market area manager Trading Hub Europe (THE), which ensures that sufficient gas is available in German storage facilities on behalf of the federal government, is responsible for the adjustment. According to THE, the reasons for the increase are lower revenues from gas sales than forecast (prices in winter 2023/2024 have fallen more sharply than expected by the market) and a decline in the volumes subject to the levy (lower end consumption and transit volumes). THE will redefine the gas storage levy on 1 January 2025.

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The enPORTAL connect energy platform is a product of enPORTAL GmbH. enPORTAL connect is one of the leading energy platforms in Germany with over 700 participating energy suppliers and an annual energy volume of more than 25 terawatt hours of electricity and gas. Its customers include companies from the industrial, SME and commercial sectors. The combination of an efficient energy platform and personalised customer support includes services relating to the energy marketplace, energy purchasing, energy data management, energy price forecasts, energy strategies and energy expertise. enPORTAL GmbH is a leading IT service provider for digital solutions in the energy sector. Founded in 2008, the owner-managed company sees itself as a pioneer for digital, standardised and efficient energy processes.

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