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Current energy consumption data - 6 reasons why this is so important and how you can do it automatically!

Aktuelle Energieverbrauchsdaten – 6 Gründe, warum das so wichtig ist

Due to the dynamic and challenging developments in the energy market in recent years, it has become essential for energy purchasers to know exactly how much electricity and gas the company consumes and the associated costs. Similarly, superiors or managing directors also want to know from time to time how much electricity or gas has been consumed at which location and what the costs are. For you as an energy buyer, this means keeping energy data up to date at all times. To be honest, however, this involves a lot of work and time using Excel spreadsheets. In other words, you have to keep track of the latest energy data, figuratively speaking, and manually update the lists of consumption data whenever necessary or when a new tender for a new supply period is due. This process can take days or even weeks. This shows that knowledge of energy consumption data is a top priority these days. At least that's how it should be, but many fail in practice because they don't have the time to research tools or have no idea how to get rid of their Excel spreadsheets. However, there are already a large number of energy buyers from SMEs and industrial companies who have gone one step further and are using digital solutions to manage their energy data, such as the enPORTAL connect energy platform.

We want to motivate you again here and show you exactly why you should keep your energy data permanently up to date and what advantages this brings you - and we will then explain how you can even do this with a click, without ever having to manually enter any energy consumption data into Excel tables again.


6 reasons why you should always keep your energy data up to date:

1. Safety and control over energy consumption = your basis for a good job

If you have your energy data up to date at all times, this primarily gives you security and control over your work area. If you manage to set up the work mode so that you always know what your company is consuming at which location, then this naturally strengthens your position as a buyer and shows your superiors and the team that you are optimally positioned. This creates trust and naturally gives you a good feeling that you are doing your job properly and well. Especially if your energy data is also linked to an AI-supported energy price forecast, you can see at any time what your future costs will be (see our LinkedIn articles in February, in which we report extensively on the energy price forecast). You maintain an overview and have a secure basis for your daily work.


2. fast tendering possible in good market conditions = prerequisite for best energy prices

Up-to-date energy data is important so that you can quickly launch a tender when market opportunities are favourable. This is the immediate prerequisite for being able to strike and tender at favourable exchange prices. Electricity and gas are traded daily on the exchange, which means that speed is of the essence when purchasing at favourable times. In combination with broad competition among energy suppliers, this increases your chances of getting the best possible energy price. If you have your energy data up to date at all times, you can start a tender immediately and reach around 700 energy suppliers at the click of a mouse via digital energy marketplaces such as enPORTAL connect or provide them with the data for price calculation. If you need days to sort through all the energy consumption data when market opportunities are favourable, it may be that the market prices rise again in the meantime.


3. status report to management or board at any time = creates trust and demonstrates professionalism

If you keep your energy data up to date at all times, you can also report quickly to your managing directors or board members if they ask you. With enPORTAL connect, cost analyses and consumption data queries are just a click away. This means you don't have to spend hours or even days analysing and compiling the data. This makes an impression and of course saves the company a lot of time and money if you can report quickly in this area. At the same time, this strengthens your role as a buyer because it shows that you have everything under control and are informed at all times. This gives everyone in the company a feeling of security and ultimately confidence in your job.


4. exploit optimisation potential - reduce costs holistically

If you can keep your energy data up to date at all times and ideally, as with enPORTAL connect, even evaluate it using graphics, you can see optimisation potential for savings more quickly than with Excel tables. This means that you can change production times to take advantage of more favourable energy prices, for example by shifting energy-intensive processes to the night when electricity tends to be cheaper. This in turn strengthens your role as a buyer because you can think holistically and optimise processes in your company to save costs.


5. use the latest offers on the market = advance digitalisation

If you keep your energy data up to date at all times and use digital platforms to do so, you also show the outside world that you are promoting digital processes within the company and looking for optimisation potential in order to save time and money. This shows that you are promoting digitalisation in your area and are open to new processes. This has an impact on other areas and other departments may also benefit from it. It also contributes to a good image of the company if you utilise the latest possibilities and opportunities in the energy sector and use the tools currently in use.


6. reduction in workload = capacity for new projects

If you manage to keep your energy data up to date at all times using digital tools and even have it updated automatically, a large and tedious area of responsibility will naturally fall away from you - you will no longer need to spend hours or days compiling energy consumption data - meaning you will have time and capacity for other projects within your area of responsibility and may be able to push ahead with new topics that you would otherwise not have time for.


Conclusion: It pays to keep your energy data up to date! Start now - we'll show you how!

If the six reasons have convinced you, the question is: What's next? It's quite simple! You look for a digital provider that records all your energy data once and automatically updates it every month. enPORTAL connect has been offering this service successfully since 2008. Here, for example, you give your personal enPORTAL customer advisor your last bill from the energy supplier and your load profiles for the consumption points - we take care of the rest and set everything up so that you have access to your current energy consumption data at all times. This means that all you have to do is log in and you will see all your energy data (including historical data from years ago) lined up on the energy platform. You can download or view individual values using filter functions (e.g. only pure energy price or grid charges).


Do you have any questions on this topic or would you like to find out more? Please feel free to contact us at any time.



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